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Lori Kampa is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and wellness educator who teaches busy professionals how to stay energized, reduce fatigue, improve brain clarity and overall health and outlook on life. 


Health coaches from all over the world have contacted Lori to discover her secrets to building a successful full-time health coaching business. She always shares that the backbone of her business growth is having successful wellness workshops.  Lori continues to have a great response to her online detox group program and individual health coaching practice. 


Lori founded, a done-for-you immersion program designed to walk health coaches through all the details they need to book workshops, fill workshops, sell during workshops (without the cheese!), and follow up after workshops.  Lori has written over 20 wellness workshops. She offers her health coach colleagues the opportunity to be guided with her detailed instruction and to put their name and logo on her handouts, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, and more. 



Lori thrived in hotel management and then went on to Meet Minneapolis, Convention + Visitors Bureau focusing on marketing development, sales, and event planning for over 25 years before switching careers to health coaching. Lori is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest Nutrition School. In addition, she has a BS degree in Psychology and Business from Saint Cloud State University.

Often health coaches are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about nutrition and health, but they find the business aspect of their practice challenging and sometimes insurmountable.  Lori believes in lifting up other health coaches.  She also believes in working smarter, not harder.  Why re-create the wheel when someone else has already invented it…and perfected it?   Lori loves to help others develop energy, confidence, and enthusiasm—and a spirit of good health that is contagious to others. Create a new aspect of your business—the health coaching practice you always imagined! If this idea excites you, Lori wants to work with you and would love to chat soon. Contact her at the links below.

With her health coaching clients, Lori uses the principles of clean eating, self-care, and mindfulness to help her clients take the mystery out of eating well and have fun making the transition to a healthier lifestyle. Lori has a private practice,  Mindful Health, in Rosemount, MN where she coaches clients one-on-one, facilitates corporate and community workshops, and leads group health coaching.  She has helped people dramatically change their relationship with food and experience lasting results. ng 1


Contact Lori today to discuss how Workshops Done Academy can fast-track your business to a full-time income.  

Click here to contact Lori Kampa or reach out at 612.720.1335 or
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