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Fill Your Practice By Offering


A Done For You Program For

Health Coaches

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Offering Wellness Workshops (virtual and in-person) is one of the fastest ways for health coaches to grow a high-quality email list, fill their health coaching practice, and generate additional income.


However, booking paid workshops, creating new content, and getting people to consistently show up can be challenging for many health coaches. You should know, it doesn't have to be!    


Workshops Done Academy is an online immersion program created for health coaches to help jump-start your business. Workshops Done Academy provides on-demand classes, live small group coaching, and Done-For-You workshops to build your  business. 

Workshops Done Academy

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Lori Kampa is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and wellness educator who teaches busy professionals how to stay energized, reduce fatigue and improve brain clarity and overall health and outlook on life.


Save money and time with this immersion course. Why re-create something that has already been perfected?  Click below to learn more about how Workshops Done Academy can help you improve your health coaching practice.


Still have questions? No problem.
Contact Lori to find  your answers and sign up for the Workshops Done Academy newsletter! Click the button below.


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