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  • Lori Kearney

How To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Set Yourself Up For Success

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Are you holding YOURSELF back from growing YOUR Wellness Business?

Are You Playing Small In Your Life and Business?

There is an enormous need in the world today for people who are ready to make an impact. Getting out of your own way is essential to stop playing small!

Many times, the reason I see health coaches playing small in their business is that their fear of starting or running a business overpowers their passion for helping others. For many, it feels confusing, overwhelming, or stressful to be a wellness entrepreneur. The fear of putting yourself out there may be slowing you down, so you are stuck in your comfort zone of playing small.

A wellness entrepreneur who is playing big understands the power of their mindset and does not listen to any negative thoughts. They see how getting out of their own way, by understanding their limiting beliefs and working through fears is the way to making a HUGE impact in the world.

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