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  • Lori Kearney

How To Be Your Most Confident Self By Stepping Into Fear

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Learn how to increase your confidence and show up in your life with the courage to grow your wellness business. Confidence comes from doing things that we are scared to do. Courage comes from doing something that you feel you're supposed to do for people or reasons other than yourself. You will leave this short class knowing fear is not the boss of you!

- Stepping Into Fear is the 1st Step Towards Feeling More Confident! - Oprah Winfrey

How much time do you spend each day on your business? Are you trying to juggle the roles of coach, entrepreneur and mom for yourself- not an easy feat! Join us in our Workshop Support group and get support from other wellness entrepreneurs who have been there too. We're a Facebook Group with weekly live trainings that will help take some stress off so that we can all be more creative when it comes to running our businesses.

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