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With Virtual Workshops

with Lori Kearney

How To Build Your
Heath Coaching Practice


Lori Kearney, Certified Integrative Health Coach                    and Founder of Workshops Done, an immersion program for Health Coaches

How To Build Your Heath Coaching Practice With Virtual Workshops Masterclass

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at

11am PT/ 12pm MT/1pm CT/ 2pm ET

The masterclass is an in-depth 60-minute course. 



Key differences you need to know when giving virtual workshops.

Benefits of giving wellness workshops, specifically virtual workshops.

How to offer a personalized experience on a virtual workshop.

Learn about the power of connecting with your audience authentically. (There is a reason why you are a health coach and I want you to be yourself and love what you have to offer.)

How to gain “golden” high-quality leads to grow your health coaching practice.

How to run a virtual workshop series with pricing. 

Everything you need to prepare and run virtual workshops from home.



You have tried other lead techniques like emails and social media marketing, but not getting any clients.

Selling is scary, and you get uncomfortable with being salesy.

Your Health Coach practice is not profitable since you are struggling to get clients.  Or you have limited hours and need to focus on making money first to quit your full-time job. 

You know you need to put yourself “out there” but overwhelmed on how to develop the workshop branch of your practice.  You have no idea how to book, write, fill and convert with workshops.  Or scared about selling and giving them?

You have given some workshops, but not getting clients from them or getting paid.  Or you give workshops but want to increase your attendance. You are unsure how to break through to get paid and gain clients.

You are feeling drained as a health coach and want to have a variety in my business and get paid more per hour while helping more people.

You are in school or a new health coach and not sure where to start. 


Hi!  I’m Lori. 

In this masterclass, I’m going to teach you how I went from struggling in health, life and business to a thriving health coach and wellness educator.   I went from giving free workshops to getting paid thousands in a day.  And, I am true to myself without being salsey .  I went from 1-2 clients to putting clients a waiting list.  And, what I used to make in a week, I could make in an hour by giving a workshop! I can’t tell you how much giving wellness workshops has changed my life, I don’t say this at all to brag, I say it to share with you what is possible for you and that you can do this. 

I will teach you things that you can put into practice right away.  Even if you are in school or have not taken your first client, I encourage you to start by giving workshops to build your tribe and grow your health coaching practice.  So, this is 100% relevant to you since workshops are the best way to grow a high-quality email list and convert your audience to a client.  When you give a workshop, you build the know, like and trust factor with everyone in the audience or everyone watching, it is all about connection.  

You will learn more about creating a relationship with everyone in your audience, which is extremely important to convert them to a Health Coaching program.  And, having an annual salary that supports yourself and your family.   

I know your time is precious, and so I want to give you some valuable and actionable information.  Do not miss this virtual workshop – it could change the direction of your business and your life.   Sign up today, mark your calendar now and “See” you on Thursday! 

How To Build Your Heath Coaching Practice
With Virtual Workshops

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