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with Lori Kearney

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Hi!  I’m Lori. 

In this masterclass, I’m going to teach you how I went from struggling in health, life and business to a thriving health coach and wellness educator.   I went from giving free workshops to getting paid thousands in a day.  And, I am true to myself without being salsey .  I went from 1-2 clients to putting clients a waiting list.  And, what I used to make in a week, I could make in an hour by giving a workshop! I can’t tell you how much giving wellness workshops has changed my life, I don’t say this at all to brag, I say it to share with you what is possible for you and that you can do this. 

I will teach you things that you can put into practice right away.  Even if you are in school or have not taken your first client, I encourage you to start by giving workshops to build your tribe and grow your health coaching practice.  So, this is 100% relevant to you since workshops are the best way to grow a high-quality email list and convert your audience to a client.  When you give a workshop, you build the know, like and trust factor with everyone in the audience or everyone watching, it is all about connection.  

You will learn more about creating a relationship with everyone in your audience, which is extremely important to convert them to a Health Coaching program.  And, having an annual salary that supports yourself and your family.   

I know your time is precious, and so I want to give you some valuable and actionable information.  Do not miss this virtual workshop – it could change the direction of your business and your life.   Sign up today, mark your calendar now and “See” you on Thursday! 

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